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Make death and divorce part of your transition conversation

Published on 01.17.2019 by Matt McIntosh


The death of an owner or divorce can have devastating effects on farm businesses, in some cases wiping away generations of accumulated equity. Given these stakes, Robert Scriven, a lawyer specializing in agricultural law and litigation on behalf of farmers and farm businesses, says avoiding worse-case scenarios starts with having tough conversations and documenting decisions.

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Think ahead when developing a grazing plan

Published on 01.17.2019 by Craig Lester


Not every year will be rough for forage crops and pastures like 2018. Some years are ideal for great growth, and experts say producers should use those years to replenish grass from the poor years.

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Rooted in Strength: Managing change on the farm

Published on 01.09.2019 by Cynthia Beck

Producer Cynthia Beck, a suicide intervention responder in rural Saskatchewan, explains how being proactive and facing challenges as they arise can help manage the impact of continual change in our lives.
Change is guaranteed in life
Plan accordingly
Keep lines of communication open in your business
Tackle challenges head-on

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2018 in review: A month-by-month look at the things that mattered to Canadian agriculture

Published on 12.18.2018 by J.P. Gervais


One word sums up 2018, and that word is volatility. I hope you braced yourself for the ride that was 2018.

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Why potato farmers should plan now for 2019 crops

Published on 12.13.2018 by Andy Walker


With close to 15,000 acres of potatoes unharvested this year due to early wintery weather across the country, industry experts advise farmers to start planning now for next year's crop.

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Get a head start on tax season

Published on 12.13.2018 by Richard Kamchen


Tax season is approaching and now’s the time to start preparing.

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Female farm ownership on the rise across Canada

Published on 11.22.2018 by Céline Normandin


A recent study found an increasing number of women own agricultural operations, but they encounter more bumps in their path than their male counterparts. This is the conclusion drawn from a preliminary study conducted by the Conseil du statut de la femme on the next generation of women in agriculture in Quebec.

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Canadian agriculture moves to lift stigma of mental health talk

Published on 11.22.2018 by Myrna Stark Leader


The topic of mental well-being is growing in recognition and acceptance in the Canadian agricultural sector.

Topics once never talked about on coffee row, or maybe, not even in a household, are more likely to be shared. This new openness may be one of the only ways to change perceptions and actions – whether that be recognizing when someone isn’t themselves, offering wise advice if someone says they are facing challenges or even knowing when to reach out yourself.

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Feed barley expected grind along for now

Published on 11.21.2018 by Greg Kostal


The feed barley outlook conforms to an agenda of passing time at a relatively high price so sufficient domestic substitution can occur in exporting countries to free-up enough supply for core must-have importers.

Price doesn’t need to trend higher, just stay relatively high as the calendar races toward accessing 2019 crop. For example, Saudi Arabia is now covered through to the end of February.

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Rooted in strength: Know what you can control

Published on 11.15.2018 by Cynthia Beck

Producer Cynthia Beck, a suicide intervention responder in rural Saskatchewan, suggests we can improve mental health when we know which stressors on our farms we can control and which we cannot. 


  • Our thoughts, behaviour and reactions are powerful tools
  • We can think and act ourselves into calmness
  • Focus on deep breaths and a relaxed body
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